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First Consulting Inc., headquartered in Rochester New York, is a full service technology company providing quality consultants to businesses nationwide for fifteen years. Our fundamental business philosophy recognizes the value of relationships over time and is manifested in two ways:
Loyalty to Our Clients- our long term client relationships demonstrate our commitment to quality customer service.
Loyalty to Our Consultants- we attract and retain only experienced, proven, senior level consultants
Software Engineering           
Real time / Embedded         
Web Applications        
Network Services
Network Security
ERP Deployment
Application Deployment
Project Management

IT Staffing      
First Consultants work either at client sites or from virtual offices, or a combination of both. Our proven method of remote development   is substantiated by our 100% delivery record of being on time and within budget for remote development projects.
We offer any business – large or small – a proven, successful model of outsourcing projects based on the needs of our clients.

For more information on how we can assist you on your project or IT staffing need, please contact Art Roberts at (585) 387-0302.


First Consulting, Inc. attracts, recruits and retains top professionals in their field.

First Consulting will provide proven senior level consultants capable of working as part of an integrated team or working independently to deliver the highest quality consulting support and system development.


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