Expertise and experience in four global industries.

Our industry expertise is built on extensive knowledge and technical proficiency to deliver client solutions within several broad industry segments, including Avionics, Medical Devices, Rail Transit and Utilities. In addition to private industry, we also service United States government federal GSA contracts.


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We employ consultants with extensive experience in guiding software development activities that meet FAA DO-178B Level A through Level D certification guidelines.



Developed and manufactured a cockpit command and control interfaces as well as DC Motion Control drive electronics. These products are based on embedded microprocessors and software that are major components of a critical military aircraft subsystem. The components were developed and tested to stringent U.S. Navy requirements for software, and the capability to operate within extreme MIL-STD-461 electromagnetic interference and MIL-STD-810 environmental conditions.

International Manufacturer

Reviewed all DO-178B Level D documentation to support Level D assessment for a new product line for an international client; initially completed the regulatory requirements report; assessed the software development activities and software life cycle items.

Major Communications Provider

Assisted in the design, development, and verification activities associated with the development of software for transmitter and receiver RF communication radios to meet DO-178B Level B and Level D guidelines.

Aerospace Manufacturer

Assisted in all aspects of the software development process including planning, design, development, verification, management/coordination, configuration management, and quality assurance activities associated with the development of software to meet DO-178B Level A through Level D guidelines for both new development activities and enhancement/modification of pre-existing certified products.

Medical Devices

We have extensive experience in all aspects of medical and health systems, including development of Class II/III devices and Health Information Systems, as well as software verification and validation.


In Vitro Diagnostics

Implemented system architecture, software design and development, verification and validation testing, and configuration management for major manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic equipment, which ranged from small desktop instruments with embedded software to large scale laboratory analyzers. Worked with multidisciplinary teams to ensure that the medical device development complied with design control requirements, and internal policies and procedures. Also developed statistical material for clinical submissions—510(K), PMA, and IDE— to federal regulatory agencies.

Implantable Devices

Assisted in the systems engineering and design for next generation pacemakers and cardiac support devices.

Health Imaging

Assisted in the software design and development of products for a major manufacturer of Health Imaging equipment.

Health and Lab Information Systems

Designed and implemented Lab System interfaces and tools utilizing extensive knowledge of HIPAA implementation.

Independent Verification & Validation

We offer an outsource business model for verification and validation testing. The premise of this service offering is that First Consulting accepts full responsibility for medical device software testing including program management, resource management, project management, test planning, writing of test cases, test execution and notebook creation for FDA submission. Work can be done remotely or co-located at client facilities.

Rail Transit

Our real-time embedded software engineers have a combined 55 years of rail industry experience and are experienced in IEEE and CENELEC Standards. We have assisted on projects around the world in Atlanta, Chicago, Oakland/San Francisco, the Northeast Corridor, Washington D.C., Shanghai, Taipei, and Toronto.


Our professional consultants have expertise that includes:

  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
  • Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)
  • Crossing Control
  • Application Tools
  • Locomotive Engine Simulator
  • Vital and Non-vital Software Development Services
  • Safety Assurance Techniques
    • Numerical Assurance
    • Checked Redundancy
    • Diversity and Self-Checking
  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  • Software development and testing
    • Software Audits
    • Software Validation
    • Unit testing; black box and white box testing


We have provided documentation services and project management to utility companies, including participation in several utility-related projects for a regional transmission organization (RTO), large New York State gas and electric companies, and industry leaders in the energy and petrochemical business.


Our professional consultants, our experience and market intelligence, coupled with our remote development methodology, provide our clients with a critical competitive advantage in the utility industry.

We have completed major documentation projects for utility companies that include:

  • The operating manual and distribution operating agreement for opening up the deregulated electricity market to competition.
  • A new corporate template and document structure for internal policy, standards, and procedures in maintainable best practice formats for a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO).
  • End-user documentation for the corporate-wide implementation of SAP software in a local utility company.
  • Marketing materials to educate the top commercial customers of a local utility company about electricity deregulation.
  • Brown bag lunch talks to keep employees of a local utility company updated on internal changes.

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